The University of Alabama Graduate Co-op Program provides all graduate students the opportunity to work with industry and governmental leaders in their respective study. Graduate Co-op students may not work more than two consecutive full-time semesters before returning to school for classes.

Students are enrolled in a graduate co-op course each work semester. This permits students to retain all privileges of full-time enrolled students while on work assignments. The Graduate Co-op Program is available to masters and doctoral level students.

Students are eligible to participate in the Graduate Cooperative Education Program after completion of at least one academic semester of graduate study at UA. Students receiving undergraduate degrees from The University of Alabama who have been admitted to a UA graduate program may begin work prior to their first semester of graduate study.

Graduate International Students may register, for a one-time internship through the Graduate Co-op Program. This qualifies your off-campus work assignment as a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) experience, and allows you to postpone using your limited Optional Practical Training (OPT) until after graduation. A graduate co-op work assignment using CPT may be approved for any semester prior to your graduation: fall, spring, or summer.

All Graduate Co-op work assignments must be related to your academic major. All Graduate Co-op assignments must be paid, although compensation varies from one employer to another. At the end of the work semester, each Graduate Co-op student is asked to download a blank performance evaluation for the supervisor to complete and return to the UA Co-op Office.