Are you interested in expanding your knowledge base and job skills by participating in a fall or spring work experience?

The Professional Practice Program (PP) exists to meet the unique needs of students who are seeking a single work experience or some other unique experience not met by an established divisional internship program. All experiences will complement the educational programs/career objectives of the student’s academic program. To ensure a productive and efficient experience by all involved the Cooperative Education and Professional Practice Program works in concert with other established internship offices across campus.


Why Professional Practice?

Professional Practice (PP) is a unique option available to students who have received a job opportunity requiring them to work full-time for an entire semester. By enrolling in the appropriate PP class assignment, you are granted full-time student status. While working your tuition for enrollment in the PP class is $264.

Once a student has received a job offer and accepted the following steps need to be completed to ensure proper enrollment in the PP program:

Step 1 – Complete the Academic Division Approval Form, (print a copy or contact academic department for hard copy).

Forms are also available with student academic office or college internship coordinator.

Step 2 – Complete the Professional Practice Application and return with completed academic division approval form.

All completed paperwork must be turned in to the Cooperative Education and Professional Practice Program located in 203 Hardaway. At that time, students will receive additional information on registration and enrollment in the appropriate PP class.

Step 3 – Enroll in appropriate PP class and review Pre-work Checklist.

Checklist includes all items you are responsible for prior to leaving campus; issues such as ACT Card, Financial Aid, Parking Services, Dining Dollars, Housing, etc.


Still need more information?
Contact our office at 205-348-6422 or stop by 203 Hardaway
and speak with a coordinator.